Welcome to the platform for an in-depth study of Yoga and Tantra.

YOGA OF HEART is not a style of yoga or yet another brand on the yoga market. It is the very essence of the ancient tradition of yoga as it was developed through the ages and as it was given to us in the Krishnamacharya-Desikachar tradition of yoga.

Our teacher Mark Whitwell calls it the Heart of Yoga. The key word is obviously Heart, which is everybody’s anchor in the world, our inexhaustible ability to feel everything in order to live sanely and give a creative contribution to the world in which we live.

Connecting with our Heart, if we feel disconnected, is then our priority and all the tools of yoga are aptly used to help us reintegrate ourselves as human beings.

We mostly teach the principles of yoga and enable people to develop their personal yoga practices that are right for them. No patterns, however elaborate or attractive they may be, won’t help us find our own way into yoga and life. So, find out the yoga that is right for you, your own yoga that is the only one worth practicing, and is fully and truly beneficial for you.

TANTRA-VIDYA, or TANTRA-SASTRA, is a very special and highly specialized, deeply esoteric and extremely precise knowledge (vidya/sastra) on consciousness expansion (tan/tanoti) directed towards total freedom (tra/trayate) of a self-realized individual mainly using the secret and secretive tools of mantra(-japa), yantra(-puja) and tantra(-yoga) in a specific ritualistic setting while evoking, worshipping and/or identifying with various deities to get impowered by them for obtaining material gain (bhukti) and/or spiritual transformation (mukti).

SRI VIDYA SAKTA TANTRA is a form of Tantrika Sakta worship focusing on obtaining the Auspicious Wisdom (sri-vidya) of the Great Goddess Sri Lalita Mahatripurasundari Devi Mata. She is none other than Mothery Love pulsating in all of us as our spiritual Heart and is constantly shining as the One Dimensionless Point (bindu) in the midst of our being were all polarities meet to form Her Holy Wheel, or Sri Cakra. Sri Lalita Devi is traditionally worshipped with Her mantra, known as sri-vidya-mula-mantra, Her yantra, known as sri-cakra, and Her tantra, known as sri-vidya-sakti-sadhana, or sri-vidyopasana. The prerequisite for the worship of Sri Devi is a proper initiation (diksha) by a true teacher (sad-guru).

YOGA is the psycho-somatic (re)integration of the human being, our moral integrity in relationships of all kinds, and our cosmic integrality with the whole.

HEART is the indomitable power of our human emotivity, the ultimate point of union of all opposites, and the infinite depth of life that we utterly are in our divine humanity.

YOGA OF HEART, therefore is a practical means by which we constantly, conscientiously and consistently develop our innate capacity for love and freedom.

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