Sri Vidya Sakta Tantra


Sri Vidya Sakta Tantra is a form of Tantrik Sakta worship focusing on obtaining the Auspicious Wisdom (sri vidya) of the Great Goddess Sri Devi Lalita Mahatripurasundari, who is Motherly Love, our very Heart, or the point where all polarities of Life meet forming Her Great Wheel, or the Sri Cakra, which is the Entire Universe evolving from Her and devolving beck into Her with each Cosmic inhale and exhale She takes. So, her mantra, known as Sri Vidya Mula Mantra, her yantra, known as the Sri Cakra, and her tantra, known as Sri Vidya Sakti Sadhana, are the sonic, visual and relational means to approach the Ever Benevolent Mother Goddess, Sri Devi Ma, who, in turn, bestows Her blessings on Her devotees, which is both material prosperity (bhukti) and spiritual freedom (mukti).


The essence of this Path is Love, Generosity and Gracefulness, or expressed in the words of the modern sri vidya guru Amritananda Natha Saraswati of Devipuram: “The end of pettiness is the goal of human life.” The way to end all pettiness is Yoga as “the technology of Love”, as Mark Whitwell would put it. So Yoga is Tantra, and Tantra is Love, or the full flowering of our infinite capacity to feel Everything and Everybody in this Total Interrelatedness that we utterly are as humane cosmic beings with a Heart.


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