Yoga of Heart is the Heart of Yoga and the other way round. The only difference is that in Yoga of Heart we value the relationship between teacher and student above all else. The Heart of Yoga is the essence, and Yoga of Heart is the context of Yoga understood and practiced as making love with Life.


Mark Whitwell has been my one and only Yoga Teacher and Heart Friend for 20 years now, and he helped me when it mattered most, without ever asking anything in return. He simply connected me with my breath and the needed healing happened in due time. He showed me how to do MY Yoga and don’t worry about anything for life is not a problem to be solved, but a continuous process of self-knowing, self-development and pure regeneration. My Yoga therefore had stopped being a struggle to become what I was not, but instead became a daily discipline of pleasure and a deeply devotional practice: devotion to my own Heart, love for all forms of life and union with the Whole of Life. The ancient promise of Yoga, powerful peace and peaceful power, followed me ever since.

-Domagoj Orlić

om srim sriyai namah!

om sri sivaya namah!

om hrim hrdayaya namah!

om sri markacaryaya namah!

om sri gurubhyo namah!

harih om tat sat

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