DOMAGOJ ORLIĆ Yoga practitioner, scholar and teacher living in Zagreb, Croatia. He had been self-taught in Yoga until the year 2000, when he became a life-long student of Mark Whitwell’s, the renowned Yoga master from New Zealand. He is the author of six books on Yoga published in his native Croatian language and will soon publish his first book written in English entitled 108 Aphorisms from the Heart of Yoga. Besides being trained in the Krishnamacharya-Desikachar tradition of Yoga, he also received initiation into Sri Vidya Sakta Tantra in 2013 from the late Sri Amritananda Natha Sarasvati, Guruji of Devipuram, India.

Domagoj teaches the full spectrum of traditional Yoga practices in all its applications, from Yoga Therapy to Yoga Tantra, mostly relying on the ancient and time-tested, individual and personalized, intimate and personal mode of teaching based on sincerity and trust between teacher and student. He understands Yoga primarily as a way of enjoying Life and the deepening of intimacy with oneself, the world and the Whole of Existence, focusing on emotional healing and spiritual independence, and so empowering others for love and freedom. Together with his life partner Adisa Hajra, he conducts workshops, seminars, retreats and teacher trainings in his native country and abroad.

He is also a life-long practitioner of the martial arts system Shizen Ryu Goshin Jutsu founded by his teacher Grand Master Miran Škerl, Ph.D., 10th Dan, hanshi, shodai soke.

Flowing without any effort on the current of the infinite breath,
letting all the images of the mind dissolve freely,
enjoying the Life that you altogether are,
no force and no ambition…
Just feeling the joy of being alive, embodied and breathing,
relaxing into the depths of your Heart,
here and now,
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ADISA HAJRA Yoga practitioner and teacher living in Rijeka, Croatia. She has been practicing Yoga for more than seventeen years and teaching it for the last seven years. She is continuously studying Yoga with Domagoj Orlić and Mark Whitwell, and in her teaching she is focusing on developing a personal practice for her students aiming at creative learning, psychosomatic healing and personal transformation. Together with her life partner Domagoj Orlić, she conducts workshops, seminars, retreats and teacher trainings in her native country and abroad.

She is also studying Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea, commonly known as the Japanese Tea Ceremony  (Chado Urasenke Tankokai).

I love interacting with people/my students in different creative ways. I enjoy having supportive communication and also learning from and with them. I also like seeing how much I can learn about myself by teaching others. I love the possibility that my teachings could make some positive impact on someone’s life. Teaching yoga for me is some form of activism and I particularly enjoy maintaining the authentic transmission of ancient knowledge and develop sincere relationships with serious practitioners.

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