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The Logo of Yoga of Heart is based on a visualizing meditation using the unfolding of the lotus of Heart (hrdaya-pundarika) in all eight directions. The three colours – black, red and white – symbolize the three basic qualities of nature: inertia (tamas), activity (rajas) and brightness (sattva). The downward and upward pointing triangles interpenetrating each other represent the union of all opposites, especially the union of inhale as receptivity from above and exhale as strength from below. The human body, lotus flower and geometrical form are all united in the innermost drop of Life (bindu) expressing the flowering of human divinity at all levels of existence: individual sensitivity, interactive compassion and spiritual immersion.

Inspiration: Mark Whitwell

Idea for the logo: Domagoj Orlić

Graphic design: Barbara Majnarić

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