October, 2020



Croatian yoga teacher Domagoj Orlić joins Mark and Rosalind to speak about his twenty-year friendship with Mark, his evolution from a gymnast to a yogi, the influence of J Krishnamurti, and the confluence of Sri Vidya and yoga in his life.

What a precious conversation with a dear friend and holder of yoga.

“Powerful peace and peaceful power of a life lived straight from the Heart, for the Heart.” – Domagoj Orlić

Domagoj Orlić first met Mark Whitwell in about 2000, following an interest in yoga since his teenage years.

He is a yoga teacher in the traditional mode of “no more than a friend, no less than a friend,” the author of multiple books on yoga and philosophy in Croatian and English, the translator into Croatian of ‘Yoga of Heart’, and ‘The Promise’, an artist of yantra, and an accomplished martial artist.

  • Teaching yoga as experienced by yourself and adapting it to individual needs of students
  • How Domagoj came to discover the book, The Heart of Yoga, and how it completely changed his yoga experiments
  • The development of a beautiful friendship across the world in the early days of Internet
  • Why Desikachar was upset when “The Heart of Yoga” book was published
  • What does it mean for a student to be “inexpensive” to a teacher
  • Can teaching really be without hierarchy, just as friendship?
  • How the intervention of yoga into Domagoj’s life lifted off the karmas of Europe and hardships in his life
  • Discovering J Krishnamurti and re-discovering freedom
  • Why he gave up the idea of pursuing his spiritual life in isolation
  • Cleansing the doors of perception…
  • The process of yoga really entering into the body and how patience is required
  • His release from the fixation on the form and softening of his yoga practice
  • The realization of how life supports yoga and vice versa and the role of breath in this
  • How Domagoj taught his Catholic mother to embrace and practice yoga
  • Why being a yoga teacher is the highest – and possibly the hardest – occupation in the world

You can listen podcast HERE.

March, 2020

A new book in Croatian entitled MANTRA-YOGA: A PHILOSOPHICAL, THEOLOGICAL AND PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION TO SANSKRIT MANTRA is finally out and can be ordered directly from the author. It is the first monograph ever written on mantra in Croatian, covering all the aspects of this delicate and tricky subject. You can listen to all the mantras presented in the book recited by the author in AUDIOS.


January, 2020



May, 2019

The new book, Patanjali’s Thread of Yoga, the Croatian translation and commentary of the classic Yoga-sutra attributed to Patanjali.

New book

*For more information about the books, please feel free to contact the author: domagoj.orlic@gmail.com